The 1st National Collectors Show began in 1985 in Hollywood Ca.

The first Collectors Show Badge that was made was for the 1992 Reno Nevada Show.
There was a show pin made for the 1997 Chicago Show

1992    Reno Nv, made by Irvine & Jachens and numbered 1-100.

1993    Lancaster Pa, no badge made

1994    Reno Nv, made by Irvine & Jachens. Two styles, 1 sterling and 1 with a sterling seal , numbered 1-100.

1995    Boston, Ma., made by Irvine & Jachens. Two styles, 1 sterling and 1 with a sterling seal, numbered  1-60

1996    Arlington Texas, made by Irvine & Jachens, Sterling, numbered 1-60.

1997    St Louis Mo made by Leipsner KC, chrome, numbered 1-100

1998    Denver Co made by Sun, silver w/ gold seal, numbered 1-100

1999    Mesquite Tx, 3 were made by unk, 1, silver w/ blue enamel numbered 1-100,  1 silver w/blue enamel not                     numbered, 1 silver w/ black enamel not numbered.

2000    Boston Ma, made by Blackington. silver, numbered 1-100.

2001    Kansas City Mo, made by Leipsner 1 gold wash with state seal, 1 gold  with a custom seal, numbered 1-100.

2002    Las Vegas Nv, made by sun, 4 different styles, 1 sterling, 1-- 14k gold, 1 w/silver finish and 1 gold finish, none               of the  badges were numbered.

2003    Chantilly Va, made by Black Night, silver with a gold banner, not numbered.

2004    Houston Tx made by Symbol Arts, silver over gold star, not numbered

2005    Houston Tx Show was canceled, proto badge made by Symbol Arts, silver over gold.

2006    Chicago IL Silver Chicago style badge, blue enamel, no maker, not  numbered

2007    Reno Nv made by Irvine & Jachens, sterling, round with cut out star, not  numbered.

2008    Louisville Ky made by Cruzan, 2 badges, 1 gold over a silver star, 1 silver over gold, none were numbered.

2009    Lansing MI  No badge made

2010    St Louis Mo,  made by Scotland Yard, gold oval with blue enamel,  not numbered

2011    Ontario Ca, 4 different badges made by Ed Jones, 1 chrome, 1 sterling, 1 sterling hand engraved, and 1 10k                 gold filled.

2012    St Louis Mo, made by C&H metal crafters, silver star, not numbered.

2013    Phoenix Az, made by Smith&Warren, gold star, colored state seal, not numbered

2014    Cleveland Oh  No Badge made

2015    St Louis Mo,  made by Code 4, silver and shaped like the arch, not  numbered

2016    Indianapolis In, made by Code 4, silver  and shaped like the Indianapolis badge, numbered 1-35.

2017    Ontario Ca,  made by Entenmann-Rovin, gold star w/ Blue lettering, not  numbered

2018    Boston Ma,  made by Baystate Emblems, 1 Brushed Silver, numbered  1-100.  There were also 5 gold                           colored   Host  Badges made.

2019    Dallas Tx,  4 badges made. 3 by Symbol Arts, 1 polished silver, 1 brush  silver finish not numbered. 1 gold                   finished numbered 1 to 20.  Also there   were 100 badges made and numbered 1-100. These were made                     from a 1948  Silver  Peso.  The Peso Badge was hand crafted by a member of the  Texas Correctional                           Institution.

Note:  The Banner on the 2006 Chicago’s Badge should have said 22nd National Show.  There were show pins made for 1987 Chicago and 2010 St Louis

Information  provided by Ret Chief David Brown